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It all began in 2009

when we decided to start making South Africa’s very first Fibreglass Teardrop Camper. With a mixture of blood, sweat, tears and most importantly, a passion for adventure, Vagabond Teardrop camper was born.
Today, Vagabond Campers are manufactured by EVOFibre (PTY) Ltd in their new and much bigger factory based in Waterfall, KZN. With over 50 years of combined caravan, outdoor and fibreglass manufacturing experience, they’re leading the way in the Teardrop Campers and lightweight caravanning market. We’re proud to be in partnership together.


Camping is a huge part of our South African culture, making up many of our childhood memories. However, the gap between the camper and caravaner has grown too big over the years. The Vagabond Teardrop camper allows those with smaller cars and without an EB license to still own a camper. It opens the door to younger families who can now experience an easier way of camping. We’ve designed it to be able to manoeuvre and tow easily, which also allows our older demographic to enjoy a good few more years of camping memories. We strive to offer a cost-effective solution to suit every budget. And we aim to do this while still delivering a quality product that ensures a lifetime of memories are made.

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