From R125,000.00

Life’s meant for living, Do it with

The Roamer Teardrop Caravan

The Roamer

From R125,000.00

Say hello to our base unit model. The Vagabond Roamer allows the owner to choose their requirements. It is built on a chassis with a load-bearing of 900kg and with a 3 leaf spring suspension, making it perfectly suited for on-road adventures. 

This little road warrior comes standard with double bed, large built in insulated cool box, plenty or storage options, LED Lighting 220 USB plug points and a kitchen full of grocery lockers

What's all the fuss about?

With a GVM of just 450kg, the Vagabond Teardrop Caravan is both light and compact making it a breeze to tow and easy to store away, ready for its next adventure! 


Tare – 550 kg

GVM – 750 kg

Axle – 1400 kg

Width – 2120 cm


Length – 1900 cm

Width – 1500 cm

Bed – Double

Optional Accessories


Bigger Wheels

Mag Wheels

Awning brackets

270 Awning

Entertainment system


En -Suite Cubicle

Roof Rails

Insulated Cool Box

Included Accessories

USB Charge Point x 1

Insulated Cool Box

LED Lighting

12v System

Large Nose cone Storage

13 inch Wheels

Basin only

Padded Head Boards

Checker Plate Body Protection

Fibreglass that’s built to last.

A fully monocoque (no joins) fibreglass body insulated with polyurethane foam ensure Vagabond is not only completely waterproof, but also the lightest and strongest fibreglass caravan on the market today.
The Vagabond Roamer is our base unit model and allows owner to spec out their requirements.

Your best night sleep ever!

No more blow up mattresses for you, snuggle into a medium density Double bed foam mattress that eases the day away. The compartment itself is packed with storage options, plug points with included USB slots to keep you connected in our digital world. There is also 12v port to run any additional appliances that you cannot live with out on your getaway adventures. The reinforced padded headboard offers a comfortable option if you just looking for a space to grab some time out.

Do you have your EB license?

With Vagabond you don't need one, adventuring is a whole lot easier than going through the effort of getting your caravan legalities in order. Focus on what really matters, which is the journey. #doitwithavagabond

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