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  • Discover the new way of camping
  • No more heavy caravan towing
  • No more long camp set-ups
  • Transformed camping forever
  • Off Road Capability
  • No EB License required
  • Extremely Light Weight for Towing
  • Comfortable Queen Size Bed
  • Easy to use 270 degrees Awning

For ONLY R275,000


New Rules

Don't be held back by traditional caravans.

New Destination

Go where you want to go, when you want to go.

New Generation

Time to explore the open road.

Is this the start of 'Van Life? Big Teardrop Shaped Surprise!

Follow along with episode 3 of the Roam Overland You Tube Channel as they explore the the outdoors with the Vagabond Rogue

Reinvent Camping

Take a look at our latest video for the Rogue Teardrop Camper. Built here in South Africa, this off-road caravan will take you where ever your heart wants to go. Explore our borders and beyond and know that you will always have a place to put your head at night as you listen to the world.

Extremely Light

With a GVM of just 750kgs, it’s both light and compact to tow and store away, ready for the next adventure. Simply hook your Vagabond up onto your towbar and drive away, hassle-free.

Built To Last

A fully monocoque fibreglass body, insulated and waterproof makes it as strong as possible. Choosing fibreglass over wood will ensure a lifetime of adventures.

Robust Traveller

Built on a chassis with a load-bearing of 1.6ton and a 5 leaf suspension will allow adventurers to get a bit more off the beaten track, and get through tough outdoor conditions.

Best on the Market

Whilst there are many variations of the teardrop caravan, we were the first on the block-since 2008, mastering the art of design and comfort.

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Do you have your EB license?

With Vagabond you don't need one, adventuring is a whole lot easier than going through the effort of getting your campers legalities in order. Focus on what really matters, which is the journey. #doitwithavagabond

Explore with our campers, It will be worth it, We promise

Join the revolution

Say hello to South Africa’s favourite all-round caravan. The Vagabond Teardrop Caravan has revolutionised the way we travel, making it so much easier to explore our beautiful country. Simply tow it on the back of any car, without having to purchase complicated licenses and accessories

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