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The Best Campsites to explore, post lockdown.

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Not sure what to do with all your free time now that you can leave the house?

We know that if you’re anything like us, it’s likely that you’re itching for an adventure while the effects of lockdown are in full force. After weeks of being stuck inside their homes, South Africans alike are protesting for their right to surf, have extended exercise periods and even lift the lockdown completely. All in all, it seems like the frustration of being inside is taking its toll.

Whilst we don’t encourage all of the above just yet, we do have another suggestion instead – why not dream a little? Here’s a list of some of the best South African campsites to explore and have something to look forward to, post lockdown regulations.

Skip winter in KZN

Starting with the beautiful Kwa-Zulu Natal, known for its warm Indian Ocean and Drakensberg mountains. What’s not to love? Considering the fact that we have no idea how long the South African lockdown will continue, and winter is fast approaching, KZN seems like the closest destination to dream of exploring. When winter hardly touches it, if this ends sooner than later, it will be the perfect place to spend the weekend or even a few weeks basking in the sun.

Kosi Bay Campsite

Get ready for a beach holiday like no other. The Kosi Bay camp is situated right on Lake Nhlange with 15 different campsites to choose from. Enjoy fishing, walks along the Samango Trail, bird watching, snorkeling and diving, with a diverse reef of interesting sea life. And if you’re lucky enough to own a boat, you’re going to want to bring that along too!

Hlalanathi Berg Resort, Northern Drakensberg

Whilst you might feel the winter weather a bit more this close to the mountains, this large camping spot is nothing short of magical. Secluded, with beautiful views of the Drakensberg mountain backdrop and overlooking the Tugela River and Amphitheatre, it’s a family favourite for all. Make use of an on-site restaurant, swimming pool, tennis court, grocery store, laundry room, and most importantly, many hiking trails, fishing spots, horse riding and a golf course, right next door.

For the Gauteng-ers

Johannesburg – The Place of Gold – perfectly surrounded by many different escapes, historical places and scenic beauty. It’s for that reason that the Gauteng camping community is so large, making it easy to hook up your Vagabond and start trekking on any given day.

Ruah Park

Located in a breath-taking valley and filled with natural springs, dams, and the mountain woodland slopes, Ruah Park is not to be missed. Enjoy nature at its finest with a range of different species including Blesbok, Springbok, Impala, Nyala and more. If you’re a keen bird watcher, this is the place to be – and if you listen carefully you’ll hear the distinctive African Fish Eagle cry.

Dinokeng Resort

Enjoy a true African experience when you camp at Dinokeng Resort. With loads of activities for the whole family, including a spa, walking trails, bird watching, play areas, a bar, picnic experiences, bass fishing, supertubes, heated pools and big 5 game drives, you’re not going to want to leave! With a generously sized dam, this camping spot is ideal for keen fishermen and those that enjoy canoeing on the water.

Explore the wonders of the Garden Route

If you’ve ever done the four-hour long trip through the Garden Route, you'll know all about how magical the drive is along the coast, with the mountains just above you. It’s a natural beauty, for sure, and one that should definitely be added to your bucket list. It’s for that reason that the peak season gets full very quickly, often being booked out months in advance.

Nature’s Valley Rest Camp

Camp under the forest canopy, and make use of your time there with activities like hiking, canoeing and even going to the beach, which is a short walking distance from the campsite. Around the area, you can also visit Monkeyland, Nature’s Way Farm Stall and Birds of Eden. And if you’re brave enough, take a trip to Tsitsikamma and bungee jump off the bridge!

Wilderness Ebb-and-Flow Rest Camp

Get ready to immerse yourself into real wilderness, with the closest big town being George at 20kms away and the smaller village of Wilderness 5kms away. The campsite is situated right in front of the river so don’t forget to bring your paddling gear, or hire some if you don’t have any. Relax and swim, fish, canoe, hike or even paraglide.

What has the rest of the Western Cape got to offer?

The surrounds of the mother city offers beauty like no other. With only a few hours of distance between each destination, you can explore the many different worlds the Western Cape has to offer. There really is something for everyone in this unique province.

Sanddrif, Cederberg

A sensesational campsite that will surely make an unforgettable trip. Situated next to the Matjies River, it makes for the perfect spot for those hot summer days in Cederberg. Why not hike up to the Wolfberg Cracks? Or if you’re really up for it, commit to the 8-hour round trip to the Wolfberg Arch. Perhaps you’re a bit more adventurous. If so, here you can enjoy both rock-climbing and mountain biking. And if exercise isn’t your thing, the site even offers wine tasting and wine sales.

Houdenbek, Op-die-Berg

Never worry about peak season again! You can’t get more private than this campsite, especially if you book it out as a big group. Relax next to the water with an exclusive dam and rugged banks right in front of your campsite. Enjoy the silence of being in nature or even get involved in the mountain biking and climbing that’s on offer too. Hike to see the rock paintings, or simply enjoy the secluded time spent with your loved ones in nature.

Well, these are all on our travel bucket list, post lockdown – what places are on your travel bucket list when this is all over? Let us know. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your next adventure when you take a look at our vans.