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Choosing A Camping Companion

Buyers Guide

Hello and welcome to our very first blog!

We’re more than excited to share every single thing we know about exploring, trekking, camping, caravanning, and so much more. Starting with breaking down everything you need to know about a teardrop trailer, and why it matters.

If you’re an avid outdoor adventurer, you’ll know that investing in a camping solution can be a tough decision to make. With camping options ranging from traditional tents, off-road trailer-tents and tree tents, to motor homes, caravans and much more – which one is right for you and your family?

Well, if you’re finding it hard to choose, a teardrop caravan is an option that meets all of the choices right in the middle.

Designed to hit the road, Jack.

The teardrop caravan, often known as the teardrop trailer, is a compact, lightweight travel trailer companion, which, you guessed it, comes in the shape of a teardrop. It can easily be identified due to its large round front section that creates the teardrop shape towards the back. The design is simple – the front part is the sleeping section, and the back is used as the kitchen and storage area.And it’s this exact design that helps outdoor adventurers hit the road, with as little possible, travelling in comfort and with ease.

The preferred camping solution.

If you’re a regular teardrop camper, you’ll know all about why the teardrop caravan makes for the perfect camping companion. But if you haven’t booked a demo yet, here are a few reasons why you’re going to want to.Whether you’re looking to upgrade from traditional tent camping or downgrade from a larger motorhome, the teardrop trailer is the preferred ‘up-and-go’ option for regular travellers that need a comfortable and easy way to explore.With sleeping space for two adults, a kitchen at the back, and storage space for clothes and other items, it doesn’t take much to hook your Vagabond onto the back of your car and go.

That’s right, because of its lightweight, teardrops can be easily towed by almost any vehicle, unlike many caravan options. Vagabond offers the comfort and ease of a caravan without having to redo any driver’s license to obtain an EB license. It’s a much simpler option than going through the time and effort it will take to get a towing license.

And it’s affordable!

Yes, a huge reason why many choose to invest in a Vagabond teardrop trailer is because it won’t cost an arm and a leg, compared to motorhome and caravan options. The teardrop is smaller, and is also extremely lightweight, allowing you to keep fuel costs down. This saves so on petrol costs, especially for those longer trips, as your car won’t need to put in extra work trying to haul a heavy object.You won’t even need to upgrade your vehicle to something bigger. Simply tow your teardrop trailer onto the back of almost any car. As we like to say, just tow and go.

Better than an off-road trailer tent?

You bet. Whilst off-road trailer tents can be fun, they can also be easily damaged while travelling much like a normal tent could get damaged. The teardrop trailer makes travelling with small children much easier and safer too.Why not custom build your own teardrop caravan, tailored to exactly what you want? If you’re looking for a comfortable way of travelling, that has minimal impact and costs, your next travel companion should certainly be a teardrop.Okay, we’re done convincing you, it’s time you tried it out yourself and booked a demo. Check out our vans or contact one of our dealers in your area for more information.